About Us

Two years after the construction of the third Norview High School, FIRST Team 1793 was established as "Norview Pilots" in 2006. Our first robot, "Ace", reached the quarterfinals and was awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award. After a bright beginning, we soon embarked on years of nonstop ingenuity, critical thinking, and inspiration. On our 10th anniversary, we updated our brand. A new logo was created, and we were renamed "The Aviators", a similar name that shows our unwavering commitment to improving ourselves and the team.

Aspiring to be Greater

After 16 years of being an FRC team, we have been and always will be committed to working with our members, community, and sponsors to create an environment that encourages all to seek futures involving STEM. Norview High School has been hosting First Lego League (FLL) competitions for numerous years and a specialty program that focuses on leadership and STEM development of students. With about 40 members on our team and numerous mentors, we have been thriving and paving the future for many. Using our newly created mission statement, "Build. Fly. Dream.", we continuously seek to constantly improve ourselves and all aspects of our team. 

In June 2023, the workshop that houses our team was dedicated in honor of previous captain and now undergraduate student mentor, Josh C. Elquiero.