Our Robots

17 Years. 17 Robots.


Built for Crescendo, our 2024 robot, Karl "J" Meister Jr., uses almost all recycled materials from previous robots. This robot features a dual-purpose intake and shooter for notes that can deposit into both speaker and stage, and a winch to climb. This robot earned our team the Sustainability Award and the Creativity Award.


Built for Rapid React, our 2023 robot, features a scissor lift paired with a retractable arm that is able to reach the top rungs. This robot also contains an automatic preset to auto-balance on the charging station.  This robot earned our team district finalist.


Built for Rapid React, our 2021 robot, Karl "J" Meister, features a ramp design that is able to shoot cargo in both high and low hubs. A dedicated pneumatic system is able to climb to the middle rung. This robot earned our team district finalist.


Built for Infinite Recharge, our 2020 robot features a unique central brush mechanism to hold power cells. It is designed to position in front of the Power Port and shoot into the top port. It also contains a climbing module to score more points via a winch.


Built for Destination: Deep Space, our 2019 robot features a combined pickup and feeder to put cargo in the lower level of rockets and cargo ships. Additionally, a sliding grabbing mechanism is employed to secure hatch panels.


Built for FIRST Power Up, our 2018 robot features a simple piston and arm mechanism to pick up and place power cubes. Additionally, a ramp can be deployed for smaller robots to "piggyback" on our robot to score more points.



Built for FIRST Steamworks, our 2017 robot features a cutout gear bracket and a dual launcher to launch fuel cells into the boiler. A climbing mechanism is used to catch the rope and climb into the airship. This robot won us the CHS Portsmouth District Event.


Built for FIRST Stronghold, our 2016 robot features an individual linked track and a rotating arm to bypass defenses. This robot is a personal favorite among all alumnus.


Built for Recycle Rush, our 2015 robot features a universal hook to pick up totes and recycling containers. Our capable drivers were able to fully utilize the robot during competition.